Fights allegedly break out at Apple Store in Beijing over iPad 2 and white iPhone

The Apple iPad 2 is one of the most popular tablets by far today and is one of the most popular ones that you can find. The tablet is a very cool device for sure and while it has been here in the states and in other countries for a long time, it is only recently launched in China. The fans of tech in China really wanted the iPad 2 apparently and the white iPhone 4 was just as in demand from Chinese consumers with some stories popping up about fights and near riots.

AppleInsider reports that on Friday the launch of the iPad 2 in China drew large crowds that contained scalpers along with the fans who really want to get the iPad for themselves. Apple Store workers were issuing wristbands that were numbered in an attempt to keep the crowd in check. Apparently, a fight between the scalpers and Apple Store workers broke out and resulted in the Beijing Sanlitun Store temporarily closing for business Saturday.

Details on what happened are fuzzy, but the claim is that four people had to be sent to the hospital and one of the glass doors of the store were broken. Apparently, the "near riot" happened when the retail workers tried to close the store doors and usher the people out of the back door that were inside. There are also reports that a scalper that tried to cut into a line of folks waiting for the white iPhone on Friday. The scalper and store workers got into a scuffle, and that led to the doors of the store being locked and the customers outside shaking the door until it shattered. That is a wildly different report that the other about the iPad and only goes to show how shady the facts coming out about the weekend's events are at this point.

[via AppleInsider]