Fifa 13 Kinect will be influenced by swearing

The Kinect has seen some interesting uses from various games, with some trying to incorporate the motion controls directly into gameplay, while others use it as a learning tool, but Fifa 13 may take things one step further. According to The Telegraph, Fifa 13 will listen in on the player and pick up any swearing or bad language using the Kinect's microphone. The game will then let that influence the referee in the football game, which could lead to harsher judgements.

The feature will tie into the game's career mode too, with the player developing a reputation of using bad language and story lines forming around that character trait. Other functions of the game include issuing voice commands to swap out players or change formations of the squad. Otherwise the game will follow previous iterations closely, although EA claims the game's AI has been tweaked to be more creative.

Fifa 13 marks yet another high profile title to make use of the Kinect for Xbox 360. Back in April, Bethesda announced that Skyrim would see an update to make use of voice commands, allowing you to shout out attacks or access menus, items, and followers. Other software titles, meanwhile, have taken a different approach. Kinect Sesame Street encourages children to interact with characters on the screen, while Nike+ Training motivates users into more exercise and activity using the sensor bar.