FieldCREW User Research Tablet concept

Looking like a cross between a Speak & Spell and a Star Trek tricorder, this tablet concept by the Bressler Group's Rob Tannen is intended for user researchers gathering product design feedback.  Called the FieldCREW User Research Concept Platform, it includes wireless, remotely controlled tracking video cameras to observe user interaction, wireless tagging units that automatically record a "review this" point on the timeline, and subvocalization microphones that allow the researcher to record discrete observations.

Tannen and his team envisage the FieldCREW allowing video and audio notation of incoming feedback streams, wireless connectivity for querying documentation, and speech-to-text transcription.  It would also have a compartment to store and recharge the wireless cameras and tagging units.  Everything recorded would be automatically synchronized on a timeline, for ease of review and reporting.

It's obviously just a concept at present, though one not so outlandish that it couldn't be manufactured, and probably not something the typical SlashGear reader would ever use.  However, it looks so damn cool I couldn't help but write it up.

[via Core77]