FieldBook rugged computer sports 7-inch sunlight readable screen

Rugged computers are designed for very specialized uses such as military work and for workers who are out in the field in rugged conditions. You can't send a plain notebook or netbook into harsh environments and expect it to last long.Logic Instrument has announced a new rugged handheld computer called the FieldBook that is strong and compact. The machine is designed to be operated with a single hand and has a 7-inch touch capable screen that can be easily read in the sunlight.

The screen resolution is 1024 x 600 and can be used while wearing gloves. The CPU inside the machine is a 1.6GHZ Atom processor and the machine has 2GB of RAM and a 120GB HDD with a G-Sensor. The machine runs Windows and has runtime of up to five hours thanks to a pair of hot swappable batteries. Other features include GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth USB, RFID, Barcode reader, and more.