Ferrari Pininfarina Modulo concept drives for first time

Shane McGlaun - Jun 4, 2018, 8:09 am CDT
Ferrari Pininfarina Modulo concept drives for first time

When it comes to designing swoopy and sexy sports cars, perhaps the most storied name is Pininfarina. The design house has designed some of the sexiest Ferraris of all time. One such sexy Ferrari is a car that was never produced. The concept was called the Pininfarina Ferrari Modulo.

The Modulo was purchased by Jim Glickenhaus about four years ago and at the time the concept wasn’t drivable. Glickenhaus and crew vowed that they would make the car roadworthy and drive it. The video seen here was shared on Facebook and is the first time that the Modulo drove under its own power.

The car is a beautiful beast that was designed in the early 1970s and as such is has a wild wedge-shaped design. Look closely and you might see a bit of Ferrari 308 in its styling in the back quarter. It reminds quite a bit of a Vector W8 supercar from the early 90s.

There is no indication of what engine is used in the Modulo, but the velocity stacks peeking over the back of the seats make us think of classic Italian power. The design is very cool with partially enclosed wheels and tired and massive windows.

It would look at home on the set of Blade Runner. After the car is in running and driving condition, we hope that someone drives it and it doesn’t return to a museum collection somewhere.

SOURCE: Autoblog

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