Ferrari Dino May Ride Again, CEO Wants a Smaller 6-Cylinder Car

One of the Ferrari models of old that many have wished would return is the classic Dino. Rumors have swirled for years that the car would make a comeback. Perhaps the most compelling information that the Dino may return to ever come out of Ferrari is a recent statement by Ferrari CEO Amadeo Felisa.

Felisa stated at the Frankfurt auto show that he sees a smaller V6 powered car in the company's future. He didn't go so far as to confirm the smaller car would be the Dino, but it's easy to guess that storied nameplate would return.

Felisa said that you wouldn't put a V-6 into a larger car, presumably he meant larger as in the 488 Spyder. That means it would be a smaller car, the perfect way to bring back the Dino.

A smaller car would make sense for Ferrari, whose line is filled with gas guzzling V8 and V12 models. The company could use fuel savings from a smaller car with a V-6 to bring its fleet wide averages up. The original Ferrari Dino was made from 1968 to 1976. I would love to see the Dino return as a Ferrari branded 911 Turbo competitor.

SOURCE: Motortrend