Fender Mustang Micro is a low-cost guitar amp with a genius design

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Fender has added a new personal amp to its line-up, with the Fender Mustang Micro not only adding some individual amplification but throwing in tones and effects too. Joining the Mustang series as the smallest – and most affordable – model, the Mustang Micro is more compact than a cellphone but still has space to fit Bluetooth and more.

Unlike standalone amps, the Mustang Micro is designed to plug directly into the guitar's output. A set of wired headphones plug into it in turn, and then you get a choice of 12 different amp models to flip between.

There are also 12 effects that Fender has pulled from the rest of its Mustang range. Altogether, the company says, there's a range of amp styles from clean through to heavy metal, and effects like modulation, delay, and reverb. It's all self-contained, too, so there's no need to lug around a separate effects processor.

As for the Bluetooth, meanwhile, that can be used to pair wirelessly with a smartphone, tablet, or other audio source. Play music on that, and you can jam along on the guitar, with the combined audio piped out to the headphones.

Fender has clearly thought through the design, too. The input plug rotates around 270-degrees, and the controls are chunky and easy to access regardless of the amp's position. The li-ion battery inside recharges via USB, and lasts for around four hours, the company promises.

That USB port can also be used with a PC or Mac, with the Mustang Micro acting as an audio interface for your guitar. It's also used to load new firmware, Fender says.

As for pricing, it's the cheapest Mustang model, at $99.99. It's available to order now.