February Xbox One system update brings game hubs and controller update

Shane McGlaun - Feb 6, 2015, 5:30am CST
February Xbox One system update brings game hubs and controller update

Xbox One gamers have a new system update that is rolling out now that they will want to apply. The new update brings with it several new features including new game hubs, updates to the controller, party chat, and new TV features. This is the first Xbox One system update for 2015. The TV updates add a new trending tab to OneGuide.

Gamers will also be able to check out “trick play” and the update supports live streaming on Windows Phone and Android for Xbox Live members in Europe via the Digital TV tuner. The controller update includes a new Quick connect feature that lets the controller connect to the console in about two seconds rather than the 4-5 second needed before.

The update also addresses some of the controller disconnects issues that some Xbox One owners have been having. The Game hubs feature offer gamers interesting content, tips, and tricks for their favorite games. Every Xbox One game will have its own hub that lets you see friends playing the game, compete against friends in game leaderboards, and get game clips and broadcasts to watch.

Game hubs can be accessed by finding games in pins, your recently played list, or My games and apps and pressing the menu button and then selecting view game hub. Party chat updates give new icons for chat connection status. Connections between participants with Strict or moderate NATS have been improved. Game and party invitations have also been improved along with improvements for overall chat performance. The update should be available to download now.

SOURCE: Xbox.com

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