Febot concept uses wind to recharge batteries

A lot of green technology stuff has been coming across our radar today, but that's okay. After all, it is through these new green technologies that we can expect to move forward in society. The Febot is really just a concept, but it offers a unique idea for harnessing wind energy.

If you have a lot of rechargeable AA batteries lying around, you could make a lot of use out of this. It works by utilizing wind power. It's shaped like a torpedo and is streamlined to catch any drafts that should happen by when the device is mounted to a window by means of a suction cup.

Designed by Ji-yun Kim, Soon-young Yang and Hwan-ju Jeon, the device then uses the wind energy to recharge a AA battery placed inside of it. Sounds simple enough for me and rather economical. Now, if it would only be brought to production.