Fear the Walking Dead trailer teases "virus or microbe"

As we recently discovered, AMC's TWD companion series Fear the Walking Dead will be arriving some time in August, and as its premiere grows nearer we've been seeing more teases drop. Last was that 30 second clip of someone running really fast, but the latest one is a little less bland. We get a glimpse of the world before the event took place, or at least as it is beginning to take place, and see signs that the government was trying to keep the impending walker-pocalypse under wraps.

We've previously heard that Fear the Walking Dead will be starting a bit further back than AMC's The Walking Dead, kicking off before the event happens and then walking us through what all took place during that time Rick spent in his coma.

This trailer proves that is true, showing a student anxiously telling what is presumed to be his school teacher about reports coming in from "five states" about a "virus or microbe" that is causing people to kill each other. His teacher shuts the nonsense down, though.

"You need to spend less time online," she says. "The authorities would tell us!" It still isn't much, but it confirms some rumors and adds in some details: we now know that at least five states were under attack while others remained blissfully unaware of the walkers.