FDA warns nasal spray recalled over serious fungal infection risk

The FDA recently highlighted a new recall of nasal spray that is potentially contaminated with yeast, putting vulnerable people at risk of a potentially life-threatening fungal infection. The recall covers one lot of Allercleanse Nasal Spray sold under the brand Manukaguard from NDAL MFG INC. Consumers can return the product for a replacement.

The nasal spray was made available to consumers; the company behind the recall is alerting customers and distributors about the recall. The issue is potential contamination with yeast, which may cause health problems that could 'necessitate medical or surgical intervention,' according to the recall notice.

People who have suppressed immune systems, meanwhile, may face an invasive life-threatening fungal infection. At the time of the recall, the company says it hasn't received any reports of negative effects caused by the recalled nasal spray. However, the recall notes that anyone using the nasal spray who believes they may have experienced adverse effects should contact their doctor.

Only a single lot of the nasal spray has been recalled; it was sold in a cardboard box with one product per box. These recalled products have the UPC '858631002128,' the lot number '2010045,' and an expiration date of 'BB 10/2023.' The product was sold throughout the US through retail stores, distributors, and Amazon.com.

NDAL MRG INC, the company behind the recall, says that customers can contact Manuka Guard's support team with questions. Users can return the product to the place from which it was purchased or throw it away, but regardless, the recall says, you should stop using the nasal spray.