FDA warns more hand sanitizer recalled over serious risk

The FDA reported this week that more hand sanitizer has been recalled over the presence of a dangerous chemical that could, in a worst-case scenario, cause permanent injury to those who are exposed to it. This recall covers nearly 20,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, joining other hand sanitizer recalls announced earlier this month for the same reason.READ: The FDA says these hand sanitizers could kill you

The latest recall comes from ITECH 361, which is recalling 18,940 bottles of All Clean Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant that were sold to consumers.

As with other recalls earlier this month, these products potentially contain methanol, which — unlike its ethanol counterpart — can be very dangerous to those exposed to it.

When someone is exposed to too much methanol, it can cause anything from nausea and headache to more extreme issues like seizures, permanent blindness, and even death. Fortunately, ITECH 361 hasn't received any reports of harm associated with these hand sanitizer products. The bottles were sold in 1-liter size.

Adults who drink hand sanitizer in an effort to consume the ethanol, as well as kids who may consume the substance, are at the greatest risk of experiencing these severe complications. For this reason, consumers are advised to get rid of the hand sanitizer — it can be replaced with a safe bottle or refunded, as well, depending on which the consumer prefers.