FDA says some CBD oil recalled across US over risk of lead poisoning

A batch of CBD oil that was distributed nationwide in the US has been recalled after it tested positive for high levels of lead. The FDA warns that consuming this CBD oil could potentially result in lead poisoning, a serious condition that could, among other things, result in kidney damage and shock. There haven't been any consumer complaints related to the CBD, however.

The voluntary recall comes from Summit Labs for its Kore Organic CBD oil, specifically a batch of watermelon-flavored tincture from which a sample tested with 4.7ppm of lead. The high lead sample came from the recalled Batch #730 Lot#K018, which contained 30ml bottles of 15mg 450x products sold to consumers.

The high level was detected in a random sample tested by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service. Summit Labs reports that it tested a sample from the same batch and found that the lead levels were within the legal limits at 0.5ppm. Despite that, the entire batch has been recalled based on the sample that tested with high levels.

Assuming a consumer purchased a unit of the CBD oil that features high levels of lead, the FDA says it is possible that this could lead to high lead exposure and acute lead poisoning. Symptoms of this condition vary and may include things like nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, muscle weakness, paresthesia, low appetite, weight loss, a metallic taste in the mouth, and more.

As expected, consumers are advised to stop using the recalled CBD oil and to return it to Summit Labs. The company is alerting customers and distributors about the recall using multiple methods, including personal visits and phone calls. Consumers can also attempt to return the product to the store where they bought it to get a full refund.