FCC Speed Test App for iOS helps track US broadband performance

In November of 2013, the FCC launched an app for Android users with the intention of crowd sourcing details about the speed of broadband networks around the country. The application was called simply enough the FCC Speed Test App and is now available for iOS users to download.

The app is an expansion of FCC's goal to measure the performance of broadband networks in the US via the Measuring Broadband America program and data gathered in this program has been used by the FCC to create three reports on fixed broadband networks so far.

The FCC says that the data gathered using the new iOS app and the existing Android app provides information to consumers, the industry, and the deployment of broadband around the country. One key difference between the iOS and Android apps is that the iOS version can't run in the background periodically as the Android version does. Users of the app have to test their network speed manually. The app will provide upload speed, download speed, latency, and packet loss details. The app collects no personal information and free of charge.