FCC net neutrality site down, crushed by commenters

With their new net neutrality proposals in place, the FCC is allowing us to say our peace about it ahead of any actual implementation. The website set up to handle our comments has failed, and is apparently down for the count. You can still get hold of the FCC, but you'll have to revert to old methods.

The site has apparently crashed under the immense pressure of a world that wants to keep the Internet as free and open as it ever was. Instead of leaving a comment on the site as planned, those interested in making their voice heard will have to email instead. The comments site has seen over 45,000 of us want to keep the Internet free and open. Another hot-button topic, Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner, has under 1,800 comments — and sits in second place when tallying total comments.

The FCC will entertain all emailed correspondence on the topic, so feel free to fire off as many as you like. We've included the FCC email address for this net neutrality topic below.

The irony of this is not lost on us. The FCC is entertaining the concept of fast and slow lanes for Internet traffic. And it's the very same free and open Internet that crushed the page where we complain about the FCC even thinking of changing things. There are words for such a thing, but we leave it up to you and your emails to the FCC, which we hope you'll write after reading this.

Source: FCC, FCC email

Via: The Consumerist