FCC lets one through the cracks

The Slim 11B phone from Latte, made in Korea, looks eerily similar to the highly popular SLVR L7 launched by Motorola earlier this year. The FCC should have caught this phone a while ago, but apparently the FCC recently allowed the 11B to be used in the US, in a surprising move.

The 11B is not officially connected to a phone carrier in the US, although there are a few eBay auctions featuring the slim phone. The phone is speculated to be unlocked, and since it is GSM, it can use pretty much any provider that uses a SIM card. Other features on the phone include a 1.3 megapixel camera, and support for a microSD card.

You actually have to give Latte some credit. The design seems to be slightly slimmer than Motorla's phone, and it packs in many of the same features. It comes in at a low $169, and as noted below, can be found on various eBay auctions.