FCC Flirts With the Sexy Motorola W220

Sometime, life's unfair. Some phones are born with all the right features while others – are featured challenged. Unlike the RAZR, Q and others before it, the W222 lives a much simpler life. Look elsewhere if you need an integrated digital camera or Bluetooth because this black beauty is down to her bare essentials. I was once told that less is more. I'm not sure if that holds true in all cases but in this case it's highly possible. She's definitely a looker capable of feeding you music and news via an integrated FM receiver. One of her best asset and believe me you; she does her job well is send and receive MMS/SMS messages. In the event that you should require information from the web, she's ready and willing to serve up info via her WAP 2.0 compliant web browser. Did I mention she's a looker?

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