FCC filing outs the Samsung "Croix" come stateside

Apparently that rumor from not too long ago that Verizon and Vodafone had worked out a deal to bring the Croix stateside came to fruition. Technically its called the Samsung u940 but really its just a Croix converted to CDMA for use on Verizon's network.

And, much like what was predicted, it didn't happen until the hype from the Voyager died down. Anyways, I am just glad to see it coming our way with the 3MP camera, touch screen, and the sliding keyboard.

I want one, but I am holding out with my Helio Fin until I see what Helio and Apple come out with next year. All I know, is that Verizon is probably trying to get this thing out the door ASAP or they would have filed to have the images concealed, so we'll probably get the announcement at CES or maybe sooner.

Samsung u940 passes through FCC [via CrunchGear]