FBI raids ISPs looking for servers used in Anonymous DDoS attacks

It seems that the hacker group going by the name Anonymous may not have been as anonymous in their DDoS attacks leveled against perceived enemies of WikiLeaks as they thought. The hacker group ran a massive DDoS attack against a number of websites that stopped working with WikiLeaks after the site came under significant fire for posting government documents.

The goal of the Anonymous attacks was to punish sites like Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard for severing ties with WikiLeaks and was called Operation Payback. Police all around the world are working hard to find the servers that were used for the DDoS attacks against the websites, which forced some of them offline for a while.

The investigation started in Germany and a raid produced evidence that linked the attacks to IRC servers at Tailor Made Services in Dallas, Texas where the FBI sized two HDDs on December 16. The FBI also raided a California provider called Hurricane Electric. After the DDoS, attackers didn't have the desired effect the Anonymous group decided to start posting WikiLeaks documents around the web with misleading titles.

Via Computerworld