Fathom drone explores the undersea world

Drone aircraft are becoming a big thing with people all around the world buying them to explore and play. Some people have been known to use them for annoying neighbors and emergency services. We haven't seen much in the way of devices for exploring the underwater wonders around the planet. That is where the new Fathom drone comes in.

This drone doesn't fly; it is designed to cruise in the water allowing the user to explore the ocean, streams, or lakes. The makers say you can use it for snorkeling, diving, fishing, and any other underwater pursuit.

Fathom requires no training to operate, it is controlled via an app and only has to be plugged in to use. The drone is jet propelled and was designed with inspiration from the reaction control systems on spacecraft. The propulsion system gives the user precise control over movement of the Fathom drone.

The people behind the Fathom drone are keeping much of the specs and details of the drone secret for now. The device is still in development, but the Fathom team says that more specs will be coming in the future. Those interested in the Fathom drone can sign up on the maker's website to be notified when Fathom is available.

SOURCE: Fathom