Fathead Star Trek lineup debuts

Fathead has been around for a long time with its giant wall stickers to decorate your home. The company started offering sports themed wall decorations with giant helmets and life-size athletes to stick on the wall. Over time the company added more and more categories to its lineup, including cars and entertainment decorations.

Fathead has announced that it is now offering a collection of Star Trek wall art. The first of the Star Trek collection includes die cut and mural images. Images include Star Trek logos and popular characters from the series. Geeks who can't decide if they like Kirk or Picard better will be glad to hear that both Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation are both featured.

Naturally, there are life-sized fathead cut outs of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard. The Kirk cut out is one of Shatner when he was young, not the old and somewhat crusty Kirk from some of the later Star Trek films. Other than the two captains, Fathead is also offering several other popular Star Trek characters.

You can also get Mr. Spock, the original USS Enterprise, and the Enterprise used in TNG. Other life-size character cutouts included Lieutenant Commander Data, Commander William T. Riker, and Lieutenant Worf. Official insignias from the original series and TNG are also available in a more space friendly Fathead Junior size.