Fat-free immortal chocolate created by University of Warwick

This month a set of researchers from the University of Warwick have submitted a report on "Healthier Fruit Juice Infused Chocolate Confectionary", this study revealing chocolate with far less fat than common forms of chocolate and with no "white chocolate" death. The death is also known as "sugar bloom" and is essentially negated by the process these researchers have made a reality. What they've done is to infuse a form of fruit juice into a mixture of chocolate, this replacing the fat that normally gives chocolate its "chocolaty" features.

Study researcher Stefan Bon said in a statement from the University of Warwick that "it's the fat that gives chocolate all the indulgent sensations that people crave – the silky smooth texture and the way it melts in the mouth but still has a 'snap' to it when you break it with your hand." Assuming this is entirely true, the new mixture works with different types of fruit juice to make chocolate just as chocolaty as its always been, but with far less fat.

This mixture is able to create chocolate with a "slightly fruity" taste in white, milk, or dark. The researchers also note that they're able to use a vitamin C solution (ascorbic acid) instead of the juice to make this mixture. When the vitamin C solution is used, the "fruity" taste is also removed, and the chocolate essentially tastes as it would have without the new solution.

We've found a way to maintain all of those things that make chocolate 'chocolatey' but with fruit juice instead of fat," Bon said. "Our study is just the starting point to healthier chocolate – we've established the chemistry behind this new technique but now we're hoping the food industry will take our method to make tasty, lower-fat chocolate bars." – Bon

Sound good to you? We're waiting for the University of Warwick to make the move and bring this chocolate to the world – and we'll eat it all!

[via University of Warwick]