Fat fingers get well served with 220-inch touchscreen

Being successful in business these days involves finding an untapped niche and milking it for all it's worth, which is why I'm surprised that the market for Tablet PC users suffering from gigantism has taken so long to be served.  Still, where profit lies manufacturers aren't far behind, and display fashioners DAHAN T&S have whipped up a touchscreen available in sizes from 100 to a whopping 220-inches.


Not only that, the displays use multi-touch technology meaning several huge-handed Tableteers can gather around and simultaneously jab to their swollen hearts' content.  Running either a custom OS or Windows 2000/XP (what, no Aero Glass?), the touch layer is infrared while the picture is rear-projection.


The whole caboodle hooks up via USB, making installation simple, so the biggest hurdle is going to be price.  Let's hope that the giant users have giant wallets to match; price on application, kids.  They ship in August.

DAHAN T&S [via Electronista]