Faro Focus3D is smallest and lightest 3D scanner ever

Shane McGlaun - Oct 6, 2010
Faro Focus3D is smallest and lightest 3D scanner ever

A company called FARO has debuted what it claims to be the world’s lightest and smallest 3D scanner called the Focus3D. The device is a 3D laser scanner that takes detailed measurements and documentation with a touchscreen and can be operated as a digital camera as well.

The new Focus3D is five times smaller than the precious model. The device is able to make complex 3D images of environments and geometries in only a few minutes. The image produced is a composition of millions of 3D measurements in color for an exact digital reproduction of existing conditions in a place.

The Focus3D can be used for many tasks like documenting crime scenes, accident sites, product geometry, process plants, reverse engineering of products and more. The Focus3D camera is self contained and uses rechargeable batteries good for up to five hours of use per charge and measures 9.5″ x 8″ x 4″. The scanner stores to SD cards.

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