Fancy Vista with 3TB+ of storage?

You know what they say about hard drives.  "Buy a hard drive a fish, and you can feed it for a day.  But buy it a net and it can feed itself for a year"  But they also say that you can never have enough hard drive space, and that's annoyingly true.  NOVAC, when they're not occupying themselves stuffing capitals into their name, have decided to help those short of space out by fashioning an external caddy with not one, not two, not twelve but six spaces for IDE or SATA drives.

Compatible with 3.5" and 2.5" drives, and connecting to a host PC via USB 2.0, Windows XP and Mac OS X will happily recognise up to 2TB of lovely space, should you have the money to pack such drives in there.  Microsoft Vista promises to recognise partitions in excess of 3TB, using as it does the GPT partitioning system.

My only complaint would be the sole USB 2.0 connection.  Where's the network port, NOVAC?  Imagine how much more useful this would be with, say, a gigabit network connection.

NOVAC [via Akihabara]