Fancy Samsung Refrigerator Dispenses Sparkling Water Right From The Door

I think most home appliances are rather boring devices. I've always felt that way, but as a kid I seriously wanted a refrigerator that would dispense soft drinks right out of the door. It was my second biggest childhood dream right next to Heather Thomas. I think we can all admit that would be incredibly awesome, unless you don't like soft drinks. Samsung has made my dream of owning a Dr. Pepper dispensing refrigerator one step closer to reality with its new RF31FMESBSR 36" Four-Door Refrigerator.

At first glance you may be wondering how exactly this refrigerator can have four doors. The refrigerator section is on top of this unit and has side-by-side doors that open. The refrigerator also has a pair of freezer drawers that slide out to make it easier to find your frozen pizzas and chicken nuggets.

Like most modern refrigerators, the Samsung unit has ice and a cold water dispenser built in to the door. That water is chilled and filtered before it's squirted out into your glass. Controls in the front door allow the user to choose between normal ice cubes or crushed ice. The feature that sets this refrigerator apart is that there's also a button available allowing the user to select three different levels of carbonation for sparkling water.

Honestly, I find sparkling water rather disgusting, but I hope some geeky tinkerers out there can figure out how to introduce soft drink syrup into the mix. Seriously, it can't be that hard, a little drilling, a small pump, and some hose and my childhood dreams have come true. The sparkling water system uses a standard SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinder stored inside a small area in the left side refrigerator door. The fridge has 30.5 ft.³ of storage and will be available in April for $3899.

[via Samsung]