Fancy De Bethune pocket watchcase mixes old school and high-tech

I long ago stopped wearing a watch on my wrist when the iPhone became my go to timepiece. If you like your iPhone and want an old school pocket watch to boot, we have the case for you. This fancy case has what appears to be crocodile skin leather and a fancy watch on the back.

That pocket watch movement on the back of the case is certainly the big feature here. The watch is a De Bethune DB 1024 movement nestled on the on the back of the case. It' looks pretty cool actually, but with the way my iPhone cases tend to get scratched I don't even want to think what this case would look like in a few months.

I also don't even want to think about what would happen to that fancy watch or my iPhone if I dropped the thing. There is no word on pricing, but considering the fancy nature and style I am betting it's not cheap at all.

[via CrunchGear