Fan pulls a gun, is jailed over Star Wars spoilers

Star Wars fans have waited for more than 30 years to see what happened to their favorite characters on the big screen. So naturally, we've all gone through great lengths to ensure that we don't have any of the big plot points spoiled for us. But what do you do when someone decides to spoil the movie for you, anyway? Well, today we've got a lesson on what not to do.

Arthur Charles Roy was talking to a friend on Facebook, when the other let slip one of the bigger spoilers in the movie. It's unknown if the friend did it out of spite, or on accident. But regardless, the 18-year-old didn't take kindly to having his movie spoiled. So he did what anyone else in his position would have done, gave the friend a piece of his mind, and logged off. Well, that's what he should have done, at least.

Instead, Roy posed for a picture with his Colt 1911 with a "hair trigger" and sent said picture to the friend. Included with the picture was a threat that he would come to the other's school and shoot him, for spoiling the movie.

The other reported the threat to the school, which was put into lockdown. The police then arrested Roy, charging him with felony assault with a weapon. He is currently in jail, with a bail set at $10,000. His mother claims that the weapon in the photo was simply a BB gun, though that has not been officially confirmed.

We've all joked about what we would do if the movie was spoiled for us. But let's be honest, this is too far, even if it was somehow a joke. There have been far too many shootings this year, and Star Wars is about fun and adventure, not killing younglings.

Source: AP

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