Fallout Shelter update brings cats and dogs into the vault

With Fallout 4 having been out in the wild for a month now, there's not much reason to mess with the mobile game, right? Well, we can't always be at our computers/consoles to wander the Commonwealth, so Fallout Shelter still lets you get some of that experience on the go. And Bethesda hasn't forgotten about it either. In fact, they've just released a new update for the mobile game.

Dogmeat is my one and only companion in Fallout 4. There's just something about wandering and fighting alongside a pup that doesn't judge you, that makes the game more immersive for me. Well, Bethesda knows how much we love our four-legged friends, and have added them to Fallout Shelter. One can only hope that dogs and cats living together won't cause mass hysteria.

Other additions to the app include new romantic dialogue options that will show up between vault dwellers. You'll also be able to kick out lazy dwellers that aren't pulling their weight, and zip through your inventory with lightning speed by using the new "sell all" option.

There are also some other improvements and optimizations to the app, as well as new objectives that will keep you entertained as you grow your vault, and endure the life sheltered from the Wasteland.