Fallout 76 Update 20 is here and it's kicking off The Legendary Run

Back in May, Bethesda revealed that Seasons were coming to Fallout 76. Seasons, on the surface, look a lot like the battle passes we see in many free-to-play games, as they allow players to earn experience, rank up, and unlock cosmetic items for their accounts. The main difference, however, is that Fallout 76 Seasons are free to all players, and won't require any payment up front (though players can still pay Atoms to progress through a given Season's tiers if they want).

After a bit of a wait, Bethesda has rolled out the first Season for Fallout 76 as part of Update 20. This inaugural season is called The Legendary Run, and it'll be available for the next 10 weeks. As you progress through The Legendary Run's various tiers, you'll get things like skins and in-game currencies, so it's worth completing challenges and earning XP to increase your S.C.O.R.E and rank up.

Along with rolling out The Legendary Run, Bethesda has also changed the way that challenges work in the game. Daily and weekly challenges will now award S.C.O.R.E instead of Atoms, and Bethesda says that they'll be the primary way to progress through Seasons, so make sure you're completing them as you play the game. The company says that it has also streamlined challenges so they're more straightforward and easy to complete, which is nice to hear since they're so closely tied to progression.

We'll also see the arrival of Public Teams with Update 20. You'll find a "Public Teams" tab in the social menu, which acts like something of a browser – it'll show you all of the Public Teams active in your world, allowing you to either join one or create your own. Team leaders will be able to set goals, and that goal will grant an associated team-wide buff. You can even form bonds with the other players in your team as you play with them, which will increase the power of that buff.

While those are the big features arriving in Update 20, the update is bringing a lot more in terms of bug fixes. You can read the full patch notes over on Bethesda's website, but otherwise, those of you who have been waiting for The Legendary Run only need to download the update on your platform of choice to get to playing.