Fallout 76 leaked as an online survival RPG experiment

Brittany A. Roston - May 30, 2018, 6:02 pm CDT
Fallout 76 leaked as an online survival RPG experiment

After Bethesda left viewers hanging for a ridiculously delayed livestream, we eventually got to the big secret: it has a Fallout 76 project in the pipeline. Very little is known about the game — it was revealed in what amounts to a sliver of a teaser. However, sources have surfaced claiming the title is an online survival RPG akin to Rust.

The information comes from sources speaking to Kotaku, which reports that Fallout 76 was “heavily” inspired by games like Rust. Those sources go on to claim that the upcoming Fallout game will differ from existing titles in the franchise, serving as an experimental twist that offers something unprecedented in the series.

Fans shouldn’t expect a traditional installment in the series, at least according to the sources, though Bethesda hasn’t confirmed the rumors. Rather, the company is reportedly taking a chance on a new type of game in the Fallout world. The sources claim Fallout 76 has itself experienced multiple changes over the years it has been in development.

The game will reportedly resemble other RPGs, including quests and a storyline, as well as the ability to build bases and other things necessary for survival. However, the sources indicate that Bethesda is still making changes to the game and that the final version may have many aspects revolving around that core design.

The teaser trailer released by Bethesda (above) indicates that the game is set shortly after the series’ nuclear war, tasking those remaining with rebuilding society; the key part of that task is survival. We’ll know officially whether the report is correct during E3 this summer, where Bethesda plans to reveal the game.

SOURCE: Kotaku

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