Fallout 4's Codsworth can say these 924 names

When Bethesda announced that Fallout 4's Codsworth would have a long list of names that he would pronounce, many people got excited. However, it was hard to guess just what kind of names we'd see. Would they be your average run-of-the-mill names? Or would they actually allow some of the more...creative ones? Well, now that the game is out, a user on Reddit managed to compile a list of every single name he can say.

If you poke around in the games files, it's not too hard to find the list of spoken names. But thanks to user Cklidify, you don't have to go through that trouble. You can see them all here. There are over 924 different names to choose from, and some of the choices are rather amusing. You'll see normal ones such as Chris and Scott, and you'll also see things like Boobies, and Asdf.

I'm particularly happy to see a lot of great references in the names. There are a host of Mad Max names, along with other pop-culture names. Mulder, Scully, McFly, Holmes, Vash, and Shinji are just a few of the other obvious references.

Since I've not managed to spend any real time with the game, I'll be pouring over names today. What's your favorite name combo from the list?

VIA: Reddit

Source: Hastebin