Fallout 4 ramen is real, for some reason

Since Fallout 4 was announced, we've seen some pretty strange tie-in products. The first was Fallout Shelter, a very unexpected iOS game. It wasn't so much strange as it was simply surprising (and fun!). Then came things like an official Nuka Cola, which was a fun (if hard to find) product. However, the weirdest tie-in was the Fallout Beer. However, that title is about to be passed on, thanks to something that Bethesda has started sending out.

If you've played Fallout 4, then you know about Takahashi. He's the robot in Diamond City that serves ramen. In fact, that is the only item that he sells, and the only phrase he can say is "Nani ni Shimasuka?" (Certain companions can actually get a few more words out of him.) If you don't speak Japanese, it translates roughly to "May I take your order." According to the game, this is a malfunction that the mayor refuses to have fixed, due to it being "a symbol of Diamond City culture."

If you've been playing and wishing you could taste Takahashi's world famous Noodle Cup, then you'll be happy to know that Bethesda has decided to make this a real product. A few select members of the Japanese press have received packages that contain a special ramen named "Nani ni Shimasuka?"

There doesn't appear to be anything all that special about this particular ramen, aside from the fact that Bethesda had the packaging designed just for them. There's no word on whether this is something they're planning to sell, or if it was just a PR stunt done for kicks. Either way, I love how much time Bethesda seems to put into their bizarre tie-in products.

VIA: Kotaku