Fallout's Nuka Cola Quantum is real, thanks to Jones Soda

Earlier this month we brought you the news that Bethesda had teamed up with a European brewery to bring us the very first Fallout Beer. While the tie-in was nice to see, it was honestly a disappointment. The in-game beer played no significant role in the game, and thus just doesn't get me excited. However, they've just announced a new Fallout drink, and it's exactly what you want.

Yesterday Bethesda sent out a tweet announcing the availability of Nuka Cola Quantum. That's right, the neon blue drink that you found scattered across the Wasteland is real, and it's coming to stores. To produce this drink, Bethesda teamed up with Jones Soda. Jones is famous for making tasty drinks with pure cane sugar.

We don't know much about the drink, aside from the picture that was tweeted. It's likely that the actual soda is just Berry Lemonade or Blue Bubble Gum, since those are already existing flavors with a blue color.

You'll need to head out to your local Target on November 10th, if you want to pick up your own bottle. It will likely be a limited run, so you'll want to be quick, if you want to stock up for your Wasteland adventure.