Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Previously announced Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition is available today for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game has more than 200 awards under its belt by now and a fond place in the hearts of many franchise fans. Those who haven't yet played the game — or who want to give it a place of distinction on their shelf — have the chance to buy this special 'Game of the Year' edition, which includes more than just the core game.Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition features the core Fallout 4 game in addition to all six of the add-ons: Vault-Tec Workshop, Nuka-World, Far Harbor, Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and Contraptions Workshop. All of that for $59.99, which ultimately represents a lower cost than what original buyers would have paid to get the game + DLCs.

It has been nearly two years since the game's release, and so it should be noted that if you're simply wanting to get a copy but not necessarily play all of the add-ons, there's a slew of used game discs on the market that fall around the twenty-dollar price point.

If you get the used disc but decide that you do want access to the DLCs, you may end up paying more than you would if you just picked up the GOTY edition, though. Microsoft's online store, for example, lists the Fallout 4 Season Pass at $49.99, only ten dollars cheaper than the latest edition.

SOURCE: Major Nelson,