Fallout 4 beaten with zero kills, but not without consequences

War. War never changes. Of course, neither do the people who play games like Fallout. While the games can be fun on their own, some people like to add extra challenges on their own. One popular one is making a complete playthrough of the game without killing anyone. And Fallout 4 doesn't make that an easy option for you.

One gamer by the name of Kyle Hinckley decided that he was going to dedicate his time to making this feat a reality. Even Todd Howard, the game's director, stated that "I can't tell you that you can play the whole game without violence – that's not necessarily a goal of ours." Well, he might be right about the violence part, but it turns out that you don't actually need to kill anyone at all.

Unlike previous Fallout games, it's not easy to get around killing off people. There are plenty of situations where the only solution is a dead body on the ground. So how did Hinckley pull it off? Mostly by making other people do his dirty work.

His run relied heavily on perks that will pacify enemies by simply pointing your gun at an enemy. This is helpful, but it's an ability that only works some of the time. Which meant that there were a lot of times where he needed to reload the game many times, to get the desired result.

Now what makes the run even harder is that when you get to a spot that you are required to kill someone, you can't even have your companion do this. All of your companions' kills count as your own. So he had to trick NPC's into doing all of his dirty work.

The most fascinating part of this entire experience is that the game apparently starts to fall apart after a while. Most specifically, the audio eventually starts having major issues, and eventually stops working altogether later in the game. Even the game itself can't comprehend the fact that the player wouldn't kill a single person.

You can see part of the run above, or you can watch the entire thing on Hinckley's YouTube channel.

VIA: Kotaku