Fallout 3 is the latest Twitch community's collective play

You might remember over a month ago when the live game broadcasting service Twitch started having viewers collectively play Dark Souls, where viewers' text inputs in the chat box are used to control the game, all at the same time. Well, they're at it again, this time tacking on the modern classic Fallout 3. In the past the Twitch community was successful at beating games including one of the first Pokemon titles, and an older Metal Gear Solid game, while over 38 days later, the Dark Souls stream is still going.

While even I predicted the Twitch community wouldn't get very far in Dark Souls, due to its infamously difficult boss battles that require precise timing, Fallout 3 presents its own unique challenges. The game, developed by Bethesda, is a huge open-world RPG in a post-apocalypse setting, with several different mechanisms affecting combat gameplay.

Unfortunately for the Twitch community, they haven't made it very far. In fact, the character has been stuck walking into a wall for several hours now. It actually looks like something isn't working properly, as there's movement right or left, just this walking straight forward animation. In the case of Dark Souls, hundreds of people entering commands at once may not have resulted in the character moving in a single, clear direction, but at least it wasn't a static position.

Like the other Twitch community game experiments, viewers can enter specific text, and a Python script turns it into game commands. For Fallout 3, typing "f" should make the character walk forward, "e" to use an item, "click" to shoot, "reload" to reload, and so on. But at this point is seems players may not be able to make any progress until someone intervenes or the game is reset.