Fallout 3 for Xbox 360 leaks to BitTorrent & Usenet

Much anticipated Xbox 360 game Fallout 3 has already appeared on BitTorrent and Usenet file sharing sites, three weeks in advance of its official release.  The 6.52GB file requires a modified Xbox 360 to run; currently there's no sign of the PC or PS3 versions of the title for download.  Early figures suggest 2,500 gamers on one BitTorrent portal alone have already downloaded Fallout 3.

The game's publisher, Bethesda, is yet to comment on the leak, and it's uncertain where the pre-release version – which was presumably sent out to be tested – came from.  DRM protection for the title was already confirmed to be relatively low, possibly at most a CD key and with no active limits on number of installs.

Fallout 3 official release dates are North America on October 28th, Europe and Australia on October 30th, and the UK on October 31st.  Read more about the game here.

[via MCV]