Fall Guys will soon feature MrBeast and Ninja skins

Saccharin-sweet and insanely difficult battle royale game Fall Guys will soon offer skins based on popular game streamers MrBeast and Ninja, according to the team behind the video game. The two streamers joined Aim Lab and G2esports in donating $1 million to a UK charity called Special Effect. A total of four skins — Devolver calls them 'costumes' — will be made available in the game as a result.

The new skins are the 'reward' for donating $1 million to charity, with Fall Guys stating that it will work with the four winners on creating and releasing the new outfits. With these — and as with other skins in the game — players will be able to wear them as outfits to modify the look of their otherwise plain bean-shaped character.

Special Effect is a charity that helps the physically disabled play video games using unique accessibility solutions, such as eye-based game control and specially designed controllers. Following Devolver's announcement of the charity achievement, streamer Ninja revealed that he will be teaming up with the other three to raise additional funds for the charity.

The company hasn't revealed the four upcoming skin designs — it hasn't developed them yet, based on a recent tweet from the team. Once available, players will presumably have to spend their in-game currency to buy the outfits, but those details aren't yet officially available.

Fall Guys has only been on the market for a few weeks now but has enjoyed sustained popularity during this time, including consistent Twitch streams from a number of big-name streamers. It's yet to be seen whether the game will be able to hold the attention of players over the long term, but the team behind the game has already detailed its plans for a second season.