Fall Guys nets a ton of PC players in its first week

Almost one week out from release, it's clear that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a hit for developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital. The game, which is available on PC and PlayStation 4 (as a free PlayStation Plus game for the month of August, no less) has seen such an influx of players that Mediatonic has had a difficult time keeping the servers up at points during the past week.

Indeed, a lot of people are trying to play Fall Guys at the moment, whether those are streamers looking to ride the hype or players in search of a fun, hectic party game. Publisher Devolver Digital has revealed just how many people have purchased the game on Steam, giving us a better idea of how popular Fall Guys is on PC.

In a new tweet, Devolver reveals that Fall Guys has sold 2 million copies on Steam. That's an impressive number for sure, but it would be interesting to learn how many people are playing on PlayStation 4 too. Remember, Fall Guys is currently free through PlayStation Plus, so it stands to reason that the PlayStation 4 version has pulled in a ton of players because of that promo.

In addition, Devolver shared some more trivia about Fall Guys' first week of availability. Twitch users, for instance, have watched a collective 23 million hours of Fall Guys gameplay on the platform. 60 million Fall Guys have fallen in-game, while players have grabbed a grand total of 1.5 million crowns so far.

In SlashGear's review of Fall Guys, I found that the game is a lot of fun and well worth the $20 price tag, but questioned whether the game had legs that would lead it to enduring success. For Mediatonic to turn Fall Guys into a game that's still popular well into the future, it could very well depend on the company's ability to keep things fresh by shipping new content.