Fall Guys for Xbox and Switch delayed and crossplay is to blame

Fall Guys, in case you haven't heard, is coming to Xbox and Switch at some point in the future. Originally, the Xbox and Switch versions of the game were slated to launch sometime this summer, but now both versions have been delayed. Instead, developer Mediatonic has indicated that it will add cross-play to Fall Guys before launching on Xbox and Switch.

"With so many new opportunities now in our hands, we've realised that our previously announced Summer 2021 Switch and Xbox release schedule is unfortunately just too soon for us to include all of the tasty new features we're working on," Mediatonic said in a blog post today. The company went onto the explain that the delay will give the team "some time to add features like crossplay," and suggested that the feature would be live in both the Switch and Xbox versions from day one.

Unfortunately for those eager to dive into Fall Guys on Xbox or Switch, Mediatonic didn't give us the new release window it's targeting for both of those versions. The hope is that this delay won't be too dramatic – perhaps we'll see Fall Guys come to Xbox and Switch this fall instead of this summer? – but without a new target from Mediatonic, it's impossible to say that for sure.

In the more immediate future, Mediatonic says that it will keep rolling out new seasons and all that entails, including new costumes, shows, and rounds. Mediatonic also specifically references the upcoming Season 4.5 update for Fall Guys, which will add two new rounds and refresh the number of costumes available.

Other than that, though, we're being left in the dark. Mediatonic says that it will be "communicating any updates as soon as we can," so we'll let you know when those updates come around the bend.