Fake Steve's secret identity has been revealed

If you've done much lurking around the interweb, you've probably heard of a guy named Steve Jobs. Slightly less popular, but far more mysterious is his alter-ego Fake Steve Jobs. Fake Steve has been around for about a year or so and has provided a humorous outlook on the tech world "through the eyes of Steve Jobs." Unfortunately, much to the dismay of most his loyal readers the mystery is over and his true identity has been revealed. (Warning, spoiler ahead!)

Part of the fun of reading Fake Steve's writing was the fact that we didn't know who was writing the stuff. For all we knew it could be some kid in his basement, or even the real Steve Jobs. A reporter from the New York Times discovered the truth (something that the media has been trying unsuccessfully to do for some time) and exposed Daniel Lyons, a Senior Editor at Forbes magazine as Fake Steve.

Honestly, this is one mystery that was probably best left unsolved. It was really a fun time while it lasted, and while Fake Steve managed to gather quite a following, it's likely that they will slowly die away, that is if Lyons doesn't retire the persona. What's really sad is that the reporter tracked him down on his vacation to get his scoop. Bad form, he's not some giant celebrity that needs to deal with the paparazzi, so at least wait for him to get home. If you've really got nothing better to do than to bust in on a guy vacationing, maybe you should try sneaking into DefCon. Then again, I guess if you're going to kill an internet legend, ruining his vacation is just the icing on the cake.

'Fake Steve' Blogger Comes Clean [via nytimes]