Fake Samuel L. Jackson Accepts Dare, Jack Thompson Chickens Out On Debate

I would love to know exactly what goes on inside the head of Jack Thompson. As you know he already dared Samuel L. Jackson to a debate over a blog post written by the Fake Samuel L. Jackson. After figuring out that the post was a work of satire, he commented, noting that he still stood by his word. Now Fake Samuel L. Jackson isn't one to back down, so he accepted the dare, and agreed to hold a debate with Thompson. What did Thompson do? He chickened out. I can't say that I'm really surprised.

Apparently there was a good deal of effort put into arranging this debate. My mastery of the English language couldn't possibly match the eloquence of Fake Samuel L. Jackson, so I'll let him give you the skinny after the jump.

Dare? Hell yeah, you dare Sam Jack and you damn well better expect a response. NewsGroper took him up on that shit. We spent all day emailing him, responding to his emails, working out a system to get this debate on the road. And at the last minute-I bullshit you like I'd bullshit Christ Almighty-the motherfucker bailed like Bowser at the end of level three of Super Mario.

He emailed us this: you know, some people have died because of jerkballs like jackson and his spike tv vga award mentality, so I'll take a pass. grow up

First of all, what the fuck? Why dare me to debate, spend all day organizing that debate, then insult me and pull out like the Purple fucking Pie-Man coming up against Strawberry Shortcake?

And then you call me a jerkball? What the fuck is a got-damn jerkball? Is that like a tribble with Parkinsons?

In the gaming world we have a word for this. Pwnd. Jack, if you're reading (and I know you are) I'll put this in layman's terms for you. You just got your ass handed to you. You made a complete fool of yourself with your first post, and now you back out on the debate which you insisted upon in the first place. Sir, you really need to think before you speak. This isn't Fox News, and we aren't the uninformed audience that you seek to scare. Please do us all a favor and look around, no one's following you on your witch-hunt.

Oh, and one last question. What the hell did (the real) Samuel L. Jackson do to you? Are you seriously trying to say that he, and people like him (whatever that's supposed to mean) are killers? Does this mean that you're going to end your crusade against the video game industry and start going after movies and actors?

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