Fake cracking glass skywalk in China is a terrible prank

A lot of things these days can be faked with the right hardware and digital tools. But while many of them are usually employed for harmless fun and laughs, some might have less than pleasant effects on people. In China's northern Hebei Province sits the Taihang Mountain range, about 1,500 to 2,000 meters high. And somewhere in the middle of that is a skywalk with glass panels for floors. And, for some "extra zing", the administrators of that tourist attraction deemed it wise to introduce a "special effect" in the form of breaking glass.

It's not really that hard to imagine how unforgettable that experience can be. The skywalk, which stretches 266 meters in length, is situated 1,180 meters above ground. The skywalk's floors are all glass, alternating between clear and frosted ones. You'd have to be really brave to make the trek, but even the bravest probably didn't sign up for a simulated near-death experience.

One of the glass floor panels is actually "fake", in the sense that it's a high-tech display with pressure sensors. The moment some unsuspecting tourist steps on it, it will play a simulation of breaking glass, with matching sound effects to make the experience complete. While it's fake, the resulting emotional distress, even for the bravest of the brave, is probably not worth the "extra zing".

Unsurprisingly, there was quite an uproar about the unannounced new experience. That prompted the local government to issue an apology and make the promotional video above to assure would-be trekkers that its' all fake and in the name of a more memorable experience. Oh, and that the skywalk is checked daily for actual cracking glass.