Fairlight XYNERGI – Puts the Optimus Maximus to shame

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 13, 2007

I’ll admit that I’d love to have an Optimus Maximus keyboard, but that $1,500 price tag is just a little hard to swallow. Most people tend to agree that few would drop that kind of cash on something like a keyboard. That being said, here’s a keyboard that’s way more expensive.

In its defense, The XYNERGI from Fairlight has got more than fancy-looking keys (though it’s got those too!). It is packed with Fairlight’s CC-1 digital media engine. This is awesome for those that work in digital media fields. Check out the cool video of it in action below.

Just watching that video makes me want to go into music production or something just so I have a reason to play with it. Now where am I going to find $28,000?

Behold the Fairlight’s $28,000 Keyboard!
[via bornrich]

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