faceVision ships FVexpress Combo 720p video cam for Google Talk

I am totally not the video calling kind of guy. I tend to pick my nose and burp at inappropriate times and you never know when I will make that "you are a moron face" when I am talking to people. Video would really betray my seemingly nice nature to the people who know me.

If you are the type that likes video calls and you use Google Talk, faceVision has announced that it is now shipping its FVexpress combo. The combo includes a 2MP HD resolution webcam that records at 30fps.

The system also ships with an express card for laptops that allows for 2-way 720p video calls in full motion. The camera has a 28mm lens and a 75-degree field of view. The hardware card is also available in a mini PCIe version. The system will sell for $149.95.