Facebook's Tuned is a private messaging app made for couples

The New Product Experimentation team at Facebook has quietly released a new iOS app called Tuned that is designed specifically for couples. With Tuned, any two people can send voice and text messages to each other, as well as media like images, assuming they're located in the US or Canada. The app, like many messaging services, is tied to phone numbers, not Facebook accounts.

The new Tuned app from the NPE Team is available to download on iPhone now from the Apple App Store. As with past releases from the NPE Team, Facebook didn't make any big announcement about this new product — in fact, it didn't say anything at all. The app was first spied by The Information.

In its App Store description, Facebook's NPE Team says Tuned is 'a private space' for couples to focus on each other. The app features a 'scrapbook-style' feed that shows content from each of the two people, plus there's the ability to set your mood, connect your Spotify account, and send content like voice messages, notes, photos, and cards. The app supports message reactions and there's the option of sending custom stickers.

The app can function as a 'daily diary,' according to the NPE Team, which says that couples can use Tuned to build their own private scrapbook containing notable moments together. The app, among other things, is intended to help couples 'feel connected even when you're apart,' which may be more useful than ever during the ongoing coronavirus quarantines.

Because this is an NPE Team app, users should have modest expectations about what to expect. The app is essentially experimental in nature and it is possible that it will not be updated frequently — and, in fact, Facebook may decide to scrap it entirely if consumers don't find it terribly useful.