Facebook's 'On This Day' now filters out bad memories

Facebook has tools/features that let you relive past moments, but not all moments are something you want to see crop up in your newsfeed. Lost loved ones, ex lovers, broken friendships...all things that may pepper your past Facebook statuses, tags, photos and more. Some users may even avoid features like "On This Day" because they don't want something painful to pop up. Now Facebook lets you filter them out forever.

Facebook is rolling out a couple of new filtering options for its "On This Day" feature, which pulls up past things that happened on your Facebook in that day at some point in the past. Users have the option of filtering out specific people, specific dates, or both.

The type of "memories" this will affect include photos, posts, statuses others made that you're tagged in, the date you friended someone, and big life event. Add the dates and/or people, and Facebook will make sure not to present any types of the aforementioned content in its nostalgic snippets.

"On This Day" launched back in March of this year, and while it had taken mild steps to avoid dishing up painful content (like avoiding content involving someone who was once listed as a partner), it didn't cover most of its bases. The new options are available now.

SOURCE: The Verge