Facebook's NPE Team has quietly launched a speed-dating app

Facebook's New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team has quietly launched a new app for testing. Sparked, as it's called, is a video-based speed-dating app for Facebook users, connecting strangers who get a few minutes to chat with each other before deciding to move on or continue their talk for a bit longer. You'll need a Facebook account to use the service, though.

The NPE Team's new product can be found on the Sparked App website, where users must use their Facebook account to get access to the platform. The app is styled after old-school speed-dating services, though one you can do from the comfort of your sofa rather than meeting up in person.

Unlike modern dating platforms, the Sparked app doesn't involve private messaging or public profiles, instead pairing people for four minutes before they move on or continue to chat for another 10 minutes. Assuming a second chat is chosen and that goes well, the users can decide to swap information to continue the conversation off the platform.

The platform is free to use; participants are required to agree to some terms of conduct, including being kind, treating the platform as a safe space, and 'showing up.' Beyond that, users enter their age, gender, dating preferences, zip code, and some responses like how they show kindness. Sparked notes that a human will review the response before the user can start dating.

After you get through the sign-up process — which only takes a minute or two — the platform will put you on a waitlist for access. Sparked includes the option to enter your phone number for SMS notification on your pending access, though it's unclear how long the wait may be.