Facebook's new Quiet Mode is made for social media addicts

In its latest update, Facebook has announced a new feature that'll help users who struggle to manage their social media time. The platform's new Quiet Mode is exactly what it sounds like — an option to silence Facebook for a certain period of time, enabling the user to focus on other things in their life. If the user opens Facebook while in Quiet Mode, they'll be reminded to go do something else.

Social media addiction is a real issue for some people who struggle with low attention spans and the compulsion to repeatedly look at their phone notifications. The appearance of a new notification can trigger the user to open back up the related social media app, which may then spur hours of mindless scrolling and media consumption.

This issue is particularly high during the quarantine, which has left many people isolated and bored. Social media serves as a tool to help connect people, but it can prove too much at times, distracting someone from their work, school, or spending time with others.

In an update on its COVID-19 related efforts and initiatives, Facebook says it has introduced Quiet Mode on mobile as a way to help users step away from social media and focus on something else. When activated, this mode will silence most push notifications.

If the user opens the Facebook app while the Quiet Mode is activated, the platform will remind them that they've set a Quiet Mode, encouraging them to go do something else during this time. The feature is ultimately a tool to help users manage their screen time, one they can find in the News Feed Preferences and the Notification Settings.